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Once you have a court order or mediated agreement that requires supervised visitation, contact us by phone, email or contact form on the Home page to start the process.  BOTH PARENTS MUST CONTACT US TO BEGIN.



Once both parents have made the initial contact, our staff will schedule separate intake interviews with the parents.  Custodial parents are encouraged to bring the child/ren to their intake interview.  Each parent is required to complete case information forms.  Each parent must have a valid picture id to enroll.  The fee for each intake interview is $35.00 which must be paid in advance by each parent. 


Schedule Your Visits

When both intake interviews are complete, visitations may begin.  Family Transitions offers a variety of days, times and locations for supervised visits.  Custodial parents must agree to the location.  Each parent will be given a specific meeting point and time. Failure to follow the pre-set arrangements will lead to the cancellation of the visit and may cause services to be terminated.  Visits are typically in 1- or 2-hour blocks.  Supervised visitation fees are generally $40 per hour but may vary depending on number of children and location of visits.   All fees must be paid in advance. 



Our trained monitors will take notes throughout the visit, and will provide reports to parents, attorneys and the Court as requested.   

Family Transitions offers supervised visitation throughout Tulare and Kings Counties.  Custodial parents work with our trained monitors to select a safe, secure location for the children to visit with the other parent.  

Our Monitors

Our visitation and exchange monitors have all been trained in accordance with Family Code section 3200.5 and California Rule of Court, Standard 5.20.

All monitors are mandated child abuse reporters. 

All monitors have TrustLine clearance.  

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