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Legal Services

In addition to supervised visitation and exchanges, Family Transitions has a variety of legal services to assist you as your family structure transitions.  Let us empower you to make decisions that are right for your unique circumstances.  

All legal services provided by C Khal Law, Inc. 
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Legal Document Assistant

Let our Legal Document Assistant help you complete the forms and pleadings you need to file for divorce, legal separation, custody, visitation or support.  All services are supervised by an experienced family law attorney. Contact us for pricing and details. 

Notary Services

Contact us for all of your notary service needs.




Divorce Mediation

Avoid the financial and emotional cost of litigation by participating in mediation to resolve your divorce or separation issues.  Our mediation services are offered by an independent family law attorney with 30 years of experience and specialized training in mediation. 


Family Transitions plans to become a comprehensive provider of court-related services including parenting classes and anger management courses.  Check back here for more details in the near future. 


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